Our Mission

impactNPO exists to empower digital professionals to have a positive impact on communities around the world. We create an environment where IT professionals volunteer their skills, and spend a weekend creating digital solutions for local non-profit organisations. The solutions we create allow the charities to have greater influence on their communities. We benefit our volunteers through the immense amount of skills and knowledge gained, the network of people they meet and the opportunity to give back to society.

Our People


Luis Duenas Garcia

CRM Consultant turned Linkedin Expert. I help IT professionals build amazing careers by using LinkedIn and Hackathons


Zhen Quek

Treasurer who is tasked with keeping impactNPO operating sustainably! My experience is primarily from law and accounting firms.


Lynn Shewsbury

Agile | Lean Consultant Coach

EVent and Charity Coordinator

Monique Warrington

Second Year Software Development student. Passionate about diversity in tech, and an avid hackathon enthusiast.


Nicole Lin

Data Scientist at Spark | AI Forum WG2 Co-Lead | Ally for Diversity in Tech | Passionate about Data+AI for Social Impact


Jackie Chann

Marketing Communication Manager Intern