Bring your team together and support a local Nonprofit

As a business you can get great benefits from supporting a local Nonprofit build digital assets and literacy.

What makes our professional volunteers different?

They are empowered professionals

They are smart, self-sufficient professionals who don’t need directions.

They can take on all type of challenges, self-organize and hit the ground running working in teams with other professionals they have never met before as well as with their clients.

Passion for their work and their clients

They incredible passionate about their areas of expertise and to deliver results.

Our volunteers spend our weekends interacting with clients, understanding their work, mission, goals, exploring solutions, testing, iterating and delivering results.

Working for purpose as well as for results

Our volunteers understand that behind the work they do, there are communities that will benefit.

Having this in mind, they focus on delivering the best solutions and go above and beyond during our events.

Productivity that delivers change

The work we do is fast-paced and focus on results.

The impactNPO hackathon weekends are two days events where we are looking to complete the challenges presented by the nonprofits.

Our volunteers work to deliver solutions in 48 hours or less delivering high quality work that will be used by the nonprofits right after the event.

 What’s for you:

If you are looking for talent

  • Many of our talented volunteers are looking for opportunities in the local market right now.
  • Most of our volunteers are connected to other professionals who are looking for opportunities and can refer them to you.
  • Our volunteers come with references from the Nonprofits and other professionals they work with and can assess their skills on hands-on projects.
  • We welcome professionals from all communities and backgrounds making us one of the most diverse and inclusive pool of professional skill in digital technology.


If you want to help your team grow

  • Your staff can benefit from the fast-paced style of our hackathons by helping them develop and use new skills.
  • You and your staff can create new relationships with other professionals and organisations to create exciting opportunities to work together.
  • Is a safe learning environment to test new technologies and skills that will help your business.
  • We are constantly interacting and building relationships with other organisations and tech companies of which you can benefit.

If you want to learn more about opportunities for sponsorship and partnership get in contact with us!