It has been an amazing break, but we are ready to come back and work to help not only nonprofits use technology to have a greater impact in the community, but also you grow your career and your passion.

In 2018 it was evident how important you all are for us, not only for the amazing work you have done with all our participant nonprofits but also because your participation has attracted the attention of the tech community.

In 2019 we would love not just to focus on helping Nonprofits, but also help all of you build an amazing career in tech.

For this, we would like to first, invite you to participate in our first event this year in Auckland in April.

We are mixing things up a bit, and in this opportunity, we will our first theme Hackathon, focused on Sustainability. The projects will be focusing on using digital technology, like websites, social media, marketing automation tools, CRM systems and automation tools to promote engagement, participation and support from the community,

Once again The Grid Auckland is supporting the community, the work we do and our participant Nonprofits by providing their amazing Co-working space to make this event possible.

If you got any question, feel free to contact us by email to to ask about the event or just have a chat about what you want for your career.

Tickets are SOLD OUT. Please join our waitlist for volunteers and we will be in touch if more spaces become available.

In this occassion, the participant NPOs are:

NZ Traditional Boatbuilding School:

Their mission is to enrich lives through traditional craftsmanship.

They are looking to manage bookings for the numerous courses they run and need help setting up some sort of online booking system. Currently, their website doesn’t offer this possibility.

Tuilepa Youth Mentoring Service:

Their mission is to break the cycle of disengagement from school and eventual excluding from mainstream schooling system for Pacific and Maori young people.

They are looking to implement streamline systems to reduce double handling and to blueprint services (capture the magic so they can scale and replicate).

Taonga Education Centre Charitable Trust:

Their mission is to provide a safe and trusting environment where through education, opportunities and pathways, all their Rangatahi and Tamariki believe in themselves and reach their full potential.

They are looking for support with Digital Marketing and Storytelling to outline their quality services and showcase the positive outcomes they get.

Road Safety Education Limited:

They are aiming zero your road traumas by providing evidence-based road safety education to senior high school students.

With currently 60 road safety programmes/events nationally, which pulls together multiple stakeholders including high schools, volunteers, facilitators and the local community.

They are looking for a CRM and project management solution that can help them manage each event and also automate some of the processes to increase the efficiency of their staff.

See you at the event!


The impactNPO team.