The 2nd Wellington impactNPO event is almost on us, and we are excited to introduce you to the four charities you will be helping at the weekend.    Another two will be announced shortly!

Wellington Rowing Club is looking to improve their website to re-engage their members and wider community.

New Zealand Drug Foundation needs a tool for people who choose to use a drug which is a companion to their recreational use or which is a place to go at the first hint of cravings or issues.

Vulnerable Support Charitable Trust are looking to get assistance creating a marketing plan to help them with their mission, with focus on a website and social media.

Wellington Time Bank are looking for a reduction in their administration time to allow them more time to make home visits to the most vulnerable members they look after.

And more details on each……

Wellington Rowing Club is a large not-for-profit sporting Club with over 220 members. Communication, both internally within our organisation and also externally with the Community, has been a problem for the Club

Currently there is an inefficient and ineffective level of communication between our members, our extended Alumni and with the Community as a whole. Members are frustrated that the website is “clunky”, does not have the option to pay for membership or make a donation to the Club, as well as the fact that the registration process is cumbersome and there is no gallery of photos available from events and regattas.
An area which we are very keen to develop further is to improve our social connectiveness through our Corporate Challenge and also to grow our Alumni database. By reengaging with past members we would have the potential to grow our “scholarship fund” for individuals who are keen to be involved but who are financially struggling. Our past members who become Alumni members or past members who wish to donate to the Club, have a very awkward interface (especially as many are elderly) in order to be able to make donations and join. Streamlining this process would greatly improve our connection with this group.
The social impact we see of our poor communication is the impact of individuals deciding to engage elsewhere in the Community for their sport and recreation. We would like to be seen by those in the Community interested in wanting to get involved in a sport for their health and well being, interfacing with a fresh, modern, highly visible Club who shows that they are well run and engaged both with their members, Alumni and with the Community.
New Zealand Drug Foundation

New Zealand tends to leave people who use drugs without support until, for some, their increasing use becomes a major problem in their life and for those around them. We need a tool for people who choose to use a drug which is a companion to their recreational use or which is a place to go at the first hint of cravings or issues. The sooner someone recognises there is something unusual about their use, the easier it will be to change and prevent problems. is our current self-help tool with 14 actions, videos, an online journal and mood tracker for people who use cannabis. It has the right idea but needs improvement to be more helpful and more widely used.

If we can support more people who use drugs like cannabis, methamphetamine or opioids by offering a self-help tool that lets people manage their use from the moment they start, we may be able to prevent people from turning their life upside down with dependent use in the future. Dependent use is difficult to stop, and the social costs and actual costs of helping someone are higher. The New Zealand Drug Foundation is a charity striving for an Aotearoa free from drug harm. We accept, for better or worse, that drug use is part of our community and we must work to reduce harmful effects rather than simply ignore or condemn it.

The mission of the Vulnerable Support Charitable Trust is to amplify the good and support the vulnerable. The Trust operates “Take 10” which is a community-led initiative supported by a range of partner agencies. Take 10’s objective is to support the reduction of alcohol-related harm and alleviates demands on emergency services and local hosts by providing a centralised base for vulnerable youth.

Take 10 operates on a weekly basis offering a water station, rest area, mobile phone charging station, travel information, medical help, safe refuge and advice.

Wellington Timebank

Through exchanging skills, time and knowledge outside of the traditional economy, we foster relationships of trust and reciprocity. We harness the real wealth of the community and the value of each and every individual.” Their problem is a lack of efficiency in their administrative work that take time away from staff who also make home visits to the most vulnerable members they look after. In their words: “We currently run multiple systems to track individual member information, including website registration, a proprietary system from the USA called Community Weaver, Trello, ANZ online banking, MailChimp, and Google Drive. At the moment, information from these sources has to be collated manually, meaning admin tasks take waaaay too much organiser and volunteer time. We’d love to have a program that can collate this information for us. Ideally it could do things like track member sign up progress, check if members have paid their membership fees, track the activity of new members to identify who may need additional support getting started, and update emergency contact details from one place to another. We’d like to see people go from sign up to trading within four weeks. We’d like to take down our volunteer time per member signup to 90 minutes, and coordinator time for changes down to 3-5 minutes.