What is impactNPO?

impactNPO is a New Zealand charity that started as a group of professional IT people who wanted to help local Nonprofits.

Today is impactNPO is a New Zealand charity with a group of more than 1000 professionals who are willing to use their time, knowledge and resources to help local nonprofits.

Our mission is to help Nonprofits build digital assets that align with their missions as community organisations and help them achieve their goals.

We do this by running weekend and one-day events called hackathons, where professional volunteers come together to work with the nonprofits.

To date, we have supported almost 100 organisations around New Zealand in different cities around the country, supported by passionate people who are willing to put their skills to good use and wonderful public and private organisations who have supported our cause donating their venues and/or sponsoring the events.

The Nonprofits we have supported, and continue to support, are amazing organisations who decided to implement technologies to improve the work they do and generate more impact.

All the projects we have work on together started as ideas to innovate, support and help more people in new and different ways. And we encourage all Nonprofit to keep putting forward their ideas and projects like that.