Auckland April 2018

16th impactNPO Hackathon weekend

Location:  GridAKL Auckland
Sponsors:  GridAKL are our ever amazing venue partner.

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HOPE’s mission is to promote and safeguard the fundamental human rights of vulnerable groups including migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in New Zealand and in the wider-world whose lives have been traumatized by disasters, poverty, persecution or discrimination.


Problem (current situation)

People do not visit their website or Facebook page. They would like to engage with the New Zealand audience. They would like to have more volunteers and raise more funds for our Social Integration Support Program to support Refugees and Asylum Seekers to help them to enjoy their rights .

Project Objective

They would like to develop a overall strategy to attract more people to their website and social media pages. They would like to organise events to attract more volunteers and get more donations.

Representative: Phil Walker, Khalid Yaqoob, Khurram Malik

2.  Rollerson Park Community Garden


To unite community members from various different cultures to work on a common goal; Growing Together. The aim is to show people how to grow fresh vegetables, with the goal of encouraging healthy eating. Individuals who join, work on maintaining individually assigned garden plots, as well as the large communal plots. There are many opportunities to develop social well-being through interacting with others, building relationships, while learning valuable life skills learnt through practical experiences. Improving our community by fostering cooperation, ownership & responsibility, as well as to encourage the community to grow vegetables, not only for themselves but for those unable to garden due to age, disability or circumstances.

Problem (current situation)

Getting community members to participate & stay involved.

Project Objective

Recruit more members of the community to participate & be a part of the garden team.

Representative: Paula Unger

3.  education education education


A better way to communicate with the community to listen to the heartbeat and measure the needs of all students. Sourcing Education Essentials (Repurpose/Recycle) for Students.

Project Objective

Be able to reach the community online for donated material for students

Representative: Annamaree Le Brun

4.  Manaiakalani


Manaiakalani is a research and development programme aimed at accelerating the achievement of our young people in a predominantly low decile community.

Problem (current situation)

Our young people are harnessing technology to support their learning. Our Year 0-3 learners use an iPad to share their learning on a blog using Google’s blogger. Previously we use a blogger App but this is no longer available. Now our learners can only share using the desktop version of blogger on iOS which is challenging for this age group to use independently.

Project Objective

Learners will be able to share quickly and potentially increased application of Google Tools via iOS.

Representative: Fiona Grant, Lenva Shearing, Dave Winter

Wellington July 2018

Christchurch Sept 2018

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