Volunteer your skills at impactNPO

Volunteering is a great way to donate your time and skills for a good of your choice. 

We believe in the power of volunteering and the tremendous benefits that local communities can gain by harnessing the expertise and skills of passionate professionals in tech, creating solutions for social impact.

We are constantly looking for passionate professionals who got the knowledge, skill and experience and are looking for opportunities to volunteer on their own terms for a short period of time.

Just like you, most of our volunteers are busy professionals who are unable to commit to long-term options, so we create short events where you can give back to the community and support a cause of your choice.


Participating in one of our impactNPO events provides a fantastic platform for learning and networking.  

Many of our volunteers are like-minded changemakers from diverse backgrounds with wide-reaching networks, who are friendly and enjoy meeting new people in the industry and enjoy solving the challenges the non-profits present to them.

Who can participate

The challenges presented by the Nonprofits revolve around technology and digital. These are perfect if you are a:

  • Software Professional such as Front-end, Back-end or Full Stack Developer, Software Engineer, Software Architect, Web Developer or student (any year).
  • Digital Marketing Professional  or student (any year).
  • UX/UI Designer, Web Designer or student (any year).
  • Project Manager, Scrum Master or student (any year).
  • Professional or student with skills that can help complete the challenges provided by the nonprofits.

All levels of expertise, experience, skills and years of experience are welcome.

Diverse and welcoming culture

impactNPO prides of welcoming member of all communities and support diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities in all workplaces, universities and schools. 

What will you be helping us do?

We support local Nonprofits who are looking to use digital and technology to improve and increase the support they provide to a community.
The challenges presented by the NPOs are diverse and require the most current technologies.

Our most common challenges are around:
  • Web development
  • Web and mobile app development.
  • Implementation and customization of pre-purchased digital solutions.
  • Data analysis, migration and reporting.
  • Digital process implementation and automation.

…..and many more!

How it works?

We work beforehand with the participant Nonprofits to understand their needs and present specific challenges that can be solved by a group of professionals in no more than two days.

Then, we organise a hackathon weekend, present the challenges and invite all our volunteers to come participate and help a local nonprofit of their choice using their skills.

During the events, every Nonprofit will get a team made including you and other volunteers who will self-organise to create the solutions before the end of the event and present it to all the participants.

What you need to participate

Our events are professional volunteering experiences that allows us to create a big community of mindful professionals

To participate you will need to get a FREE ticket to the event you are looking to be part of.

During the event we will provide food, drinks and snacks to keep you energised. We take in consideration your dietary requirements and needs and can organise special request if you get in touch with one of our organisers in advance.

You need to bring your own devices and chargers as we don’t have any to spare. 

The events are usually run in co-working spaces and offices that can host large numbers of participant and include access to internet and anything you might need to help get the job done.

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